Keyboard and Graphic problems

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Keyboard and Graphic problems Empty Keyboard and Graphic problems

Post by Vandaxian on Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:54 pm

Been playing this game for a few days now, (Level 14). I can open up the chat window, but my keyboard doesn't respond. At first, I thought I needed to build the transmitter... 30 minutes later, still nothing. I can't change the names of my characters, nor can I enter in a value for the items I want recycled. It is a lot of clicks from 50 to 3, (if I want to get in within the five minute mark). I thought it might be related to the graphic error that I get, Context3D error: Error #3685 This only happens when I view the overhead map.
I thought to update my video drivers... no change.
Does anyone have any ideas for me to try?



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