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Compound Defense for Dummys Empty Compound Defense for Dummys

Post by Markus Bloodhave on Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:21 pm

Greetings to you. Yes i mean you, with the glasses and the gun.
You have your own little compound hah?
Well that's good, but what about the raiders?
Well heres a guide to instruct you how to defend your compound from raiders!

Compound defense for Dummys!

1. Positions
You've got to place your man on a good spot for them to be useful. Doing this might be hard, but once you get it then its cake!
First of all, try putting them behind cover. For example one of your barricades, so that you dont have to take all the hits. You may also consider putting your rally points near buildings so that your guy also has cover.

2. Cover
Its that thing you see in all kinds of games! You use it to prevent yourself from turning into a bullet-sponge! Now if you read the first part then you know that people can take cover behind buildings. This is an good AND bad thing. The reason why is that your raiders also can use it. So they are going to run for cover, being in the open is dangerous! Now there are 2 things you can do to prevent this from happening:
1. Eliminate the cover so they must stand in the open
2. Booby trap the cover
Both are effective, but you got to consider Booby trapping a bit more careful because it can get disarmed and that way, they have cover. Now eliminating cover is the best thing to do, but the choice is up to you.

Traps, your good old friends for ruining someones day and not having to shoot a single bullet to kill someone. There are a whole load of traps in Dead zone. Some can be used only once, but some multiple times. The one time traps are often explosive, so your gonna hit a bunch of them if your lucky (Also does a butt load of damage). Now the ones that can be used multiple times are for example the wire trap. These can often be avoided, but they are the most profitable.
Think of strategic places to put them like trough areas where they must pass trough, or near your supply's so their greedy hands will be blown off.

4. Barricading
The final step of making your compound save, barricading. First of all, barricade your supply's first. That's what they are going for if they want to raid u. Try preventing ways to walk in unharmed like with traps or covering up holes. Barricading can also be usefull for cover as i said before.
If you place it right then it will also give your base a neat look.

5. Weapons
Once they come, you wanna make sure you do the first hit. Rifles and glasses are absolutely usefull because of the long range. Besides if you were to raid someone you would shoot them from afar dont you? Rifles are the thing youre gonna like most to fend them off. Followed by assault rifles and shottys. DONT EVER TAKE MELEE, Cuse if you do so the AI will stay stationary, making you an easy target.

Hope this was usefull!
Markus Bloodhave
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