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the meaning of raids Empty the meaning of raids

Post by montyjj on Tue Sep 25, 2012 6:40 am

dunno if anybody discussed this before, though it's probable - what's the actual deal about raiding other people? you get at least the same amount, often even much more, resources from simple missions. plus you get components, guns, gear and sometimes even fuel.
sincerely, from my experience, resources are the least important and needed thing in the game. they "grow" in your compound on their own and are easily obtainable, and later in the game they're not more needed at all.
i personally stopped raiding at cca level 13 (lvl 16 now) and if i ever raid again, it's gonna be just for fun, against some really tough opponent.
is there really anything to raiding at all? i'd vote for a possibility to scavenge anything the enemey's compound holds, with the risk that i can lose my own stuff as well. it would bring some more motivation for building better defences and attacking obviously tough and rich opponents..


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the meaning of raids Empty Re: the meaning of raids

Post by ThrobbinHood on Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:37 pm

In my opinion, you can either raid for achievements, or just because you love pissing people off.

If it's for achievements, I would assume you raid as efficiently as possible. But in my experience, when no survivors are home raiders still break all my barricades and whatnot.

I would assume most people raiding and provoking you to retaliate just like to piss people off online.

If you retaliate, so will they. I wish I could say they would stop if you leave them alone, but I don't think they do. If you're getting raided by the same person, I doubt it's achievements; I don't believe you get achievements for raiding the same people.

If that's the case, sorry, but you'll have to work around them. Try to maximize the time you have with survivors at home. As in, send them off when you know you'll be at your computer, then leave a window open with DZ running and make sure it doesn't idle so you can't be attacked. Then leave your computer at times you know survivors will be home.

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