Kind of a basic 'Introduce your team' thread

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Kind of a basic 'Introduce your team' thread

Post by Insert Your Name Here on Fri May 04, 2012 4:29 pm

First topic message reminder :

Can't think of anything else. Just, post all your survivor, your screenshot of the compound, your choice of playing and your achievements (I mean rare items, levels...). If this gets a fair amount of response, I may jump in.

EDIT: Time for me to jump in.

Currently, my team consists of the following survivor:
- A scavenging-oriented leader (Insert Name Here) Smile)))))))))))
- 1 Fighter: Scott Hwang
- 1 Recon (Joshua Martin)
- 3 Scavengers: Adriana Wilson, Alexander Smith, Miguel Perez.

Since I'm the damn OP, I'll update my list as times go on.

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Re: Kind of a basic 'Introduce your team' thread

Post by Singid25 on Sat Aug 18, 2012 3:06 pm

Small team so far. Being a level 8 I only have 5 survivors, 1 of which I got a minute ago.
Mike Thomas - Leader - Generally awesome
Mark Johnson - Fighter - Slow, but a powerhouse
Eduardo Rodriguez - Recon - The most racist guy on my team, I swear
Steve Foo - Scavenger - quick with his hands and words
April Rivera - Fighter - A newbie and only female

What I love is a good scavenger/recon combo for looting manually. They move quickly and while the scavenger is scavenging, the recon takes point.

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Re: Kind of a basic 'Introduce your team' thread

Post by Cybercynic on Sat Aug 25, 2012 4:27 pm

OK, I shall give my team a proper introduction and back story now that I have a full house of 10.

Patrick Hughes (Leader)- Former Union State Trooper, responsible for the deaths of several HERC Agents throughout Union City.

Jasmine Gray (Fighter)- Only female member and only survivor of the Claysburg PD SWAT team.

Stephen Dvorak (Scavenger)- Private Investigator from Union City, Patrick and Jasmine found him on the roof of the security company he worked for.

Jason Richardson (Recon)- Former Army Sniper, ran into the compound with 30 infected chasing him.

Kyle Wright (Medic)- ER Doctor, found him in the hospital he used to work in.

Chelsea Morgan (Engineer)- The youngest member of the team, found her on the roof of her father's gun store after a series of explosions courtesy of her throwing dynamite at the infected in the area.

Lousia Martin (Fighter)- Schoolteacher that came home to find her house overrun by infected. Survived for weeks on her own before wondering into the compound.

Steven Tanaka (Fighter)- Restaurant owner that wondered into the compound and lead us to food.

Brian Stewart (Fighter)- IT specialist that followed Gray and Dvorak back to the compound after they raided an apartment building he was hiding in.

Gregory Hughes (No relation to Patrick) (Fighter)- Stay at home dad that survived in a state park for weeks after having his family killed at the hands of HERC Agents. Wondered into the compound and collapsed.


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Re: Kind of a basic 'Introduce your team' thread

Post by MENACE on Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:00 am

As of now i am level 14 and my team consists of 8 members

1 Leader - ( MENACE ) - purely combat based.
4 Scavengers -
( Alejandro Dvorak, Erika White, Ian Mitchell and Zachary Miller )
3 Fighters - ( Alexis Morales, Juan Perez and Richard Johnson )

I only briefly pop on twice everyday, once in the morning and once after work or before bed. I run all missions manually with only 2 members each mission ( 1 fighter and 1 scavenger ). I'll eventually pick up 1 more fighter and 1 more scavenger.

Note : I hope they eventually introduce a renaming system for your survivors.


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Re: Kind of a basic 'Introduce your team' thread

Post by montyjj on Tue Sep 25, 2012 6:25 am

as for my team.. leader fighting oriented, though i assume him being a doctor or a "nurse" in the past life. two girls doing the scavenging stuff, the two young guys are fighters. one boy, mere seventeen, and a young girl are recons. and an old pal, obviously engineer. seeing that the old guy and the recon lady have same surnames, our group realised soon enough that a father and daughter were lucky enough to meet once again in our compound. and recently we welcomed the ninth survivor, though in quite bad condition. until he gets better and gain some much needed weight, he'll join ladies in scavenging.

as for strategy, regarding the classes - i never tried to automate a mission, so i can't tell about that. but generally:

fighters - cover scavengers during missions, main force while raiding and defending compounds

recons - great for leaving them to guard the compound against zombies, two recons or one recon and a melee engineer are enough to survive without a scratch

scavengers - quite clear, they scavenge stuff way faster than anybody else. depending on how much "manually" you play, they are a must-have. also very important for raiding

engineers - i took one to try him out, and for role-playing purpose. he's not bad, quite good alright. just worse than a fighter. as soon as he reaches enough level for bloodluster/trident, i'm taking him to raids to take care of traps

medics - i don't know, never took one. my leader is always present at raids, and i don't need a medic on missions

that's pretty much it. thanks for any comment (and sorry for the long post..)


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Re: Kind of a basic 'Introduce your team' thread

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